Giving Back

Supporting our Local Communities

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What’s the best new way to help your favorite club, charity, or community organization?

Give the amazing gift of advertising!  While promoting your business on the RadioAlabama network under a standard annual agreement, you can designate a local non-profit organization — including churches, schools, clubs, scouts, animal shelters, and charities — to receive a matching number of ads at no charge.

Fact: these types of organizations could particularly benefit from “professional” advertising and marketing outreach to support their program awareness, fundraising, and participation — but, unlike commercial businesses, can’t always afford a meaningful amount of airtime and professional production.

By giving them the same number of ads as in your schedule, you’re providing something more valuable than cash, underwriting, or merchandise: the ability to prospectively reach and motivate hundreds of thousands of people in East Central Alabama. It costs you nothing, it costs them nothing, and you get the credit – including your business name at the end of each of their ads for even more exposure!

Simply choose one or more (up to three) such organizations to share your ad match. We’ll contact them, explain your gift, coordinate production, and get them on the air.  At the end of each month, you and they will receive detailed summaries of everything broadcast, billed at our regular rates to show the full value but discounted by 100% to zero cost noting that you were the contributor.

We’d love to help you maximize your marketing and make a bigger difference!