A Las Vegas residency? Maroon 5 would “absolutely love” to do it, says guitarist

These days, it seems like all the big pop acts have had or currently have their own Las Vegas residencies, from Silk Sonic and Lady Gaga to Usher and Katy PerryMaroon 5 has performed in Vegas many times, so would they be interested in a residency that keeps them in Sin City for an extended period? Well, guitarist James Valentine says he’s all in on that idea.

“I would love to do a residency. We’ve talked about it for a long time and yeah, we’ll see,” he teases. “Hopefully that’s something that can happen in the near future…we love Vegas. Y’know, we’ve played New Year’s Eve in Vegas for the last 15 years. So we would absolutely love to do something like that.”

James says a residency would be great for Maroon 5 because it “opens up possibilities for production…you can you can get a little bit more creative on on different elements that you can bring to the show.” He laughs, “We’ve certainly seen that with Silk Sonic and Katy Perry with her giant toilet! I don’t know what we can bring, but hopefully something that’s on that level!”

One possibility, James says, is some sort of aerial effect — though he makes it clear that it won’t be singer Adam Levine who’s dangling from the rafters.

“Adam has been lobbying to get me to fly above the crowd since day one,” he says, laughing. “So maybe that’s finally going to happen in Vegas. I don’t know how I got to be the one to get volunteered for it. He doesn’t want to do it, but he would love to see me do it!”

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