After 13 losses, Diane Warren is finally an Oscar winner

(Note Language) Diane Warren has received 13 Academy Awards nominations for Best Original Song throughout her career — and has lost all 13 times. But she finally has one of those little gold statues to call her own. The prolific songwriter was presented with an honorary Oscar at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ 13th Governors Awards this weekend.

“I’ve waited 34 years to say this: I’d like to thank the Academy,” Warren said in her acceptance speech. She joked, “Mom, I finally found a man,” adding, “I know you wanted him to be a nice Jewish boy, but it’s really hard to tell.” 

And while many have made a big deal about her losing streak, Warren doesn’t see it that way. In fact, she sees her nominations as wins, noting, “13 times my songs have been chosen … That’s a pretty big f****** win.” 

And just how much does Diane love her new Oscar? No longer a bridesmaid when it comes to nabbing the trophy, she posed with it wearing a wedding dress. She shared video of the photo shoot on Instagram, which she captioned #FinallyTheBride. She also took it to bed for another picture.

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