Bryan Adams unveils new album, ‘Classic Pt. II’, credits Taylor Swift for inspiring him to re-record his old hits

It’s been almost four months since Bryan Adams released Classic, an album stuffed with re-recordings of his greatest hits from the ’80s and ’90s — and part two is already on its way.

“Bryan is happy to announce ‘Classic Pt. II’ featuring 7 newly re-recorded favorites, is out digitally on Friday! Pre-save now!” he tweeted out on Thursday, sharing a link so fans can make sure the album arrives in their playlists at midnight.

Why is the “Summer of 69” artist making these albums? Similar to Taylor Swift‘s masters saga with her former label — Bryan is also fighting to reclaim the rights to his music. 

He previously told Stereogum that Taylor inspired him to re-record his old hits. Bryan revealed his former label, Universal Music Group, declined to hand over the rights to his catalog. 

“She and I have been in a similar situation lately with our master recordings. My record company wasn’t interested in negotiating the return of my early masters, so I’ve done what she has done to re-record my early songs again,” he explained, adding his Classic albums are coming out “thanks to Taylor.”

Taylor invited the Grammy winner to sing with her during her Reputation Tour in 2019, and they sang “Summer of 69” together. Bryan hinted she made it even easier for him to think he could re-record his decades-old hits.

“I loved singing with Taylor,” he recalled, “in fact I believe it’s the best version of the song since the original recording.”

Classics Pt. II arrives midnight on Friday.

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