Cat named after Taylor Swift following her “sizable donation” to animal rescue

An adorable kitten has been named after Taylor Swift following her generous donation to a small animal rescue.

Rescuer Beth Stern, who runs the Beth’s Furry Friends shelter in New York City, recently revealed she named a tortoiseshell kitty after the pop star. 

“Welcome new foster from Oman!! Her name is Angel Taylor in honor of recent birthday girl, Taylor Swift who sent me a sizable donation to Beth’s Furry Friends to help me save more lives,” Stern revealed on Instagram and shared a photo of the feline, who was rescued from an abusive situation.

Angel Taylor is missing an eye, was physically abused and had her ears cut off, revealed Stern. The rescuer agreed to take in the cat and worked to collect funds for her surgery. “She arrived to JFK on the day that Taylor sent me her generous donation,” Stern explained, adding the funds will also help her find Angel Taylor’s perfect forever family.

“I can’t wait to love her and help her heal and find her a forever family. Thank you, Taylor Swift, for helping me save more Angels. You are truly one yourself,” Stern said. The rescuer added Angel Taylor is currently being evaluated. 

It’s no secret Taylor has a soft spot for cats, as she has three of her own: MeredithOlivia and Benjamin Button.  

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