Christina Perri opens up about how the trauma of losing baby Rosie is affecting her current pregnancy

Christina Perri says she has reached a “heavy” moment in her current pregnancy as she’s now at the same point she was when she lost baby Rosie.

The “Jar of Hearts” singer opened up about re-experiencing the loss in what should have been an exciting point in her new pregnancy. “Doing a non stress test today and gosh I’m stressed,” Christina wrote in a vulnerable Instagram Story. “This is the week we lost Rosie in my last pregnancy. I can’t even explain the pain I woke up with today.”

The singer, who suffered a miscarriage in January 2020, became pregnant later that year but announced Rosie was “born silent” — or stillborn.

The singer continued, “It’s like the trauma woke me up in tears before i could even understand why.  The body remembers, right? This week is heavy.”

“It’s so unfair I was this pregnant when she passed away. I remember it all, and it’s heartbreaking all over again,” Christina wrote but assured fans that she is “ok.”

The “A Thousand Years” hitmaker explained, “I will get through it. This pregnancy is not the same. This story is not the same. This little girl is not the same.”

Christina added, “I keep reminding myself it’s okay to feel whatever I feel. Today it’s a lot of pain. Maybe tomorrow will be different. I’m just riding the wave and loving myself through it.”

The singer sang about that heartbreaking experience — and her struggles with postpartum depression after welcoming her first child in 2018 — in her new album, a lighter shade of blue.  

Christina previously told ABC Audio she felt “a sense of responsibility” to “really share my experiences” so she could help others. It’s her first album since 2014.

She shares a 4-year-old daughter, Carmella, with partner Paul Costabile.

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