Debbie Gibson thankful for her supportive parents; offers support to Britney Spears

Debbie Gibson was still in her teens when she hit it big in the ’80s, and while some young stars ran into problems because of their early fame, that didn’t happen for Gibson — and she credits her parents for that. 

“I’m very lucky because I had my mom and my dad,” she tells the New York Post’s Page Six, noting that her mom was her manager at the beginning of her career and “literally threw her body in front of anybody that was out to cause me any kind of harm.” 

“It didn’t always get her brownie points but got her a lot of respect, and it protected me,” Gibson shares. “So, I’m really lucky that I had protective parents that didn’t want anything from me but for me to turn out sane and happy and healthy.” 

Of course, supportive parents weren’t necessarily something Britney Spears had, and Gibson says she can understand why Brit seems to be acting out now that she’s finally free of her conservatorship and her father’s control. 

Referring to Brit’s naked Instagram photos, Gibson says, “It’s very easy to kind of mock her social media posts. But I see somebody who is joyful and just dying to get out of that bubble.” She adds, “She’s a natural performer, so if she has to perform in her living room, on social media, that’s what she’s going to do. … But I hope she finds her stage again.”

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