Dua Lipa’s January Book Club pick is the summer beach book everyone was reading

Dua Lipa is hoping to stave off the winter cold by choosing a popular summer beach read as her Service95 Book Club pick for January.

Dua’s pic is The Guest by Emma Cline. It tells the story of a young woman named Alex who’s kicked out of her lover’s beach house in Long Island’s upscale Hamptons. She then has to spend the next five days finding new accommodations by scamming the kind of upper-class people who would never accept her for who she is.

On Instagram, Dua writes, “Every page of this book raised so many questions for me! The story takes place over just one week, during which we learn almost nothing about the young protagonist Alex … no one dies (or do they?), no major world events take place. And yet… the strange atmospheric pace of the novel doesn’t let up and I found myself literally on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.”

She continues, “In Alex, Emma Cline has created a character who is so intriguing that she kept me guessing throughout. We never really find out who she is – is she a thief, an escort, or just a young girl figuring it out? She is such an enigma, but also like someone you feel you might have known.”

Noting that the book raises questions of “class, privilege, excess and survival,” she adds, “I can’t wait to dive into this with you.”

Dua will be interviewing Cline for an author Q&A; that and other exclusive content will be posted across Service95 platforms in January.

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