Ed Sheeran beats Taylor, Elton and Queen Elizabeth in poll of celebs Brits most want to drink with

It’s scorching hot in England right now — around 104 degrees — so it’s no wonder the idea of enjoying a nice cold beverage in a shaded outdoor space sounds appealing. A new survey finds that Ed Sheeran is the guy most Brits would want by their side for that activity.

According to ATV Today, in a survey of 2,000 adults commissioned by a company that owns a chain of pubs in the United Kingdom, Ed came out tops when asked which celebrity they’d most like have a drink with in a beer garden. He got 10% of the vote, ahead of Queen Elizabeth II, who got 7%. Other celebrities who made the list include Adele and Elton John, who each got 6%, and Ed’s pal Taylor Swift, with 5%.

Michelle Obama and Boris Johnson, who just resigned as prime minister, each got 6% of the vote; President Joe Biden received only 3%. Michelle’s husband, Barack Obama, didn’t make the list.

When asked what the ideal temperature was to drink in that beer garden, though, most chose 70 degrees, which means they’re out of luck this week.

Ed is missing the heat back home for the next few days: He’s set to take his Mathematics tour to Belgium and Denmark. While he’s promised to announce dates for North America, he still hasn’t done so; currently, his tour is scheduled through March 23, 2023, with the last date in South Africa.

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