Harry Styles launches massive lawsuit targeting fake merchandise

Harry Styles is fed up with scammers pretending to sell his official merchandise online, so he’s taking them to court.

Billboard reports Harry filed suit against those peddling counterfeit merch on Tuesday. The lawsuit names several online sellers. The singer argues these bad actors make it “difficult for consumers to distinguish such stores from an authorized retailer.”

Harry’s legal team is also seeking to ban fake merchandise from being sold on major online platforms, such as Amazon. Said his lawyers, “Plaintiff is forced to file this action to combat defendants’ counterfeiting of its registered trademarks, as well as to protect unknowing consumers from purchasing counterfeit products over the Internet.”

Harry is using a legal maneuver that fashion giants Nike and Ray-Ban have previously used to shut down such sales. If successful, it’ll result in shuttering swaths of scammers’ websites and freeze whatever assets their domains have. It’ll also stop new sites from popping up in the future.

Billboard notes that while these cases may result in large monetary judgements against the bad actors, the likelihood of them actually paying up is slim since they are usually hard to find. As for Harry’s case, his team believes these agents are operating out of China or in “other foreign jurisdictions with lax trademark enforcement system.”

Because of this, his team admits it’s unlikely they will learn the scammers’ true identities because of the lengths they went through to conceal their information.

A ruling has yet to be made.

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