Harry Styles slams brakes on concert after multiple fans faint during crowd surge

Harry Styles momentarily shut down his concert in Colombia after multiple fans fainted in a crowd surge.

British publication Daily Mail reports the singer was performing Sunday in Bogotá, Colombia’s Coliseo Live when fans began rushing the stage. Concertgoers in the first row reportedly were crushed against the handrails and called out to Harry for help, saying they were suffocating.

A reported eight people fainted during the surge.

According to fan-shot videos, Harry slammed the brakes on his show and urged the audience to back up and make room.

“I’m very excited to be here and I know tonight’s gonna be an amazing show but the most important thing is that everyone in here is safe because there are a lot of people in here and it’s warm,” the singer told the crowd.  He then called for “everyone on the floor” to start walking back “really, really slowly.”

The condition of those fans who fainted was not reported.

Harry’s incident comes a year after people rushed the stage during Travis Scott‘s set at Astroworld Festival, killing 10. Since then, artists have become even more vigilant of their audience’s well-being during concerts.

Singers like Billie Eilish and John Mayer made headlines for stopping their respective shows when fans alerted them of potential emergencies.


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