Harry Styles suffers eye injury after fan pelts him with Skittles during concert

Harry Styles suffered yet another unfortunate injury on tour thanks to a rowdy fan throwing objects at him from the pit. This time, he took some Skittles right to the eye.

Entertainment Weekly reports the singer was about to perform the final song of the night, “Kiwi,” when someone from the crowd threw a handful of Skittles directly at him. One of those candies managed to hit the singer square in the eye, and fan-caught videos show him heavily flinching upon contact. 

Despite being unable to open his left eye, Harry continued on with his final bows and powered through the last song. The singer was filmed rubbing his eye and trying to open it during the performance.

Harry’s musical director and member of his backing band, Pauli The PSM, took to Instagram Live later that night to tell fans Harry was doing okay and pleaded, “Do me a favor. Don’t thrown no more Skittles on stage.”  

Harry also joined the Live and joked he might be wearing an eyepatch for his next show. He’s currently completing a 15-day residency at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

While fans took to social media to praise Harry’s dedication to putting on a good show, they also lambasted whoever threw the Skittles. Fans are now urging their fellow concertgoers to stop throwing objects on stage.

The official Skittles Twitter also issued a statement, tweeting, “Didn’t think I needed to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles.”

This isn’t the first time Harry was injured by something a fan threw from the pit. He had to shake off being hit in the groin by a water bottle during his show in Chicago last month.

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