How Lauren Daigle is helping take care of older musicians

Unlike many of us, a lot of musicians don’t have insurance, pensions or 401(k)s, which means when they get older and develop medical problems, they run into financial difficulties. But, Lauren Daigle is here to help.

Via her charity The Price Fund, Lauren has announced a partnership with the Music Health Alliance, a nonprofit healthcare resource for aging music professionals and veteran musicians who are age 65 and older. 

The money from Lauren’s fund will help the MHA expand its team of senior care advocates and its network of healthcare resources, and provide financial grants to cover medical expenses.

“Any success I have comes with a deep-seated appreciation for the people who have come before me — those whose lives, hard work, creativity, and vision now serve as the bedrock upon which the music industry lies,” says the “Thank God I Do” singer.

Explaining why the issue is important to her, Lauren says her grandfather was able to pass away peacefully at home because of the financial and emotional support he had around him. She wants to be able to deliver that support to others in the same situation.

“This is one of those moments where we get to love on people that might not feel loved, that may not feel seen, that might feel like they’re the forgotten generation,” she notes. “We’re the ones that get to go and say, ‘No. There are still people that believe in you. There are still people that love you."”

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