Jason Mraz is bad at Halloween — but he still inspires many fans’ costumes

Compared to some pop stars, Jason Mraz doesn’t have a particularly outrageous look. But apparently it’s still distinctive enough to inspire many fans to dress themselves — and their kids, their dogs and their cats — like him for Halloween.

“Oh, yeah. Anything in a Fedora qualifies as me,” laughs the hat-wearing singer. “I mean, I’ve seen inanimate objects, pets, babies — you name it. I love it.”

But as for his own costumes, Jason admits he’s not very good at them.

“I never had the foresight to, like, organize an outfit. So I’m the last-minute Halloween outfit guy: I’m putting this and that together and then making something up at the last minute,” he explains. 

Then again, Halloween wasn’t that much fun for him as a kid, because his family was always celebrating his sister’s birthday, which is also October 31. Jason says the thrill of Halloween was “absolutely” taken away for him because of that, but he’s the odd man out in the Mraz family.

“My whole family, they go all out [on Halloween],” he says. “I mean, I might grow a pumpkin or a gourd in the garden and that’s the extent of my Halloween festivities. I think because my life is in entertainment, I seldom entertain at home.”

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