John Mayer to appear on ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, angering Taylor Swift fans

John Mayer is going to appear on the Call Her Daddy podcast on Wednesday, and by the various excerpts posted on Instagram, it seems like he’s about to get real.

In one excerpt from the interview, John tells host Alex Cooper, “It’s really scary to come off of that loop, when you’re in a news cycle, news cycle, news cycle.” In another, Cooper asks, “How did you make that decision?” To which he replies, “It was made for me. By my actions.”

In yet another excerpt, Cooper tells John, “You f**ked up in your 20s.” He responds, “A lot of the s**t that I did in my 20s was an attempt to reset the misunderstanding and I made it worse.” 

It’s not clear which misunderstanding he’s referring to, but he adds, “In those moments, I would have traded every song I was going write to stop this feeling. No doubt about it … I would’ve said, ‘Take all the songs I’ll ever write — just stop this feeling from happening right now!"” 

Of course, all these excerpts are taken out of context, so it’s impossible to know what John is talking about, but Taylor Swift fans — who are apparently still upset that John allegedly dated Taylor when she was 19 and he was 32 — have flooded the comments section.

“When Taylor said speak now, she didn’t mean you,” one wrote. Another wrote “‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve‘ on repeat Wednesday” — referring to a Taylor song that fans think is about how she regrets dating John. Yet another fan wrote, “If he doesn’t publicly apologize, we riot at dawn.”

A few others pushed back, with one writing, “She made a decision to date him as an adult that she regrets. Big whoop. She needs to move TF on.”

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