Josh Groban explains why tour may inform his next album: “You’re feeling the inspiration in real time”

After Josh Groban‘s Harmony tour wraps August 2 at LA’s Greek Theatre, he’ll be able to turn his attention to his next album, which is already well underway. He says that having this tour under his belt will give him a better idea of which direction he wants to go in.

“Tour is a great time to think about the next album because you’re out there, you’re in front of the audience, you’re feeling the energy of the connection with your fans and what they want and what you want,” he told ABC Audio shortly before the Harmony tour began.

He added, “It’s a really good time to get inspired about what’s next, because you’re in real time. You’re feeling the inspiration in real time with everybody around you and your band.”

Josh has some raw material to apply that inspiration to: He’s started working on a new album at the same time as his 2020 release, Harmony. “I’d been, writing and [recording] just endless, endless demos,” he told ABC Audio.

“I have probably 25 very good demos that are of originals…covers, lots of different things. We’re not starting from scratch right now,” he adds. “There’s a lot of music that’s been recorded and now it’s just a matter of kind of, do we juke left or right?”

No word on when Josh plans to release the new album. He currently has a song out with his friend, actress Rita Wilson: A duet version of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Songbird.”

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