Lewis Capaldi wants to reunite One Direction

Lewis Capaldi might be celebrating his new song “Pointless” finally going to #1 in the United Kingdom, but the singer still can’t shake fans’ fascination with his unreleased and untitled demo.

To recap, Lewis jokingly shared a snippet on TikTok, and his followers have become obsessed with it — to the point of telling him they wish he’d released that song instead of “Pointless.”

Another comment has the Scottish singer reconsidering the song he insists will never see the light of day. 

“So many people have told me this song sounds like it should’ve been a One Direction song and now I’m thinking about all the money I could’ve made if only I had written it in 2014,” he wrote in a new TikTok video.

He also asked pal Niall Horan to “round up the troops at once” so they can turn his moneymaking scheme into a reality.

This video now has fans buzzing that Lewis will be the person to bring One Direction back from its yearslong hiatus. The band announced they were going to focus on their individual solo careers back in 2015.

Niall has not yet responded to Lewis’ command, but the Irish singer has teased he has a song of his own coming out soon. He shared a TikTok video of him listening to his future track on his AirPods and saying he can’t yet reveal its title.

But, in the video transcript, he did capitalize “Tell You Yet,” which fans believe is his way of sneakily confirming what the track is called. 

Niall also teased “Not long now” in the caption to hint the song will arrive soon.

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