Lindsey Stirling’s big Halloween plans involve garbage bags, tape and glitter: “I’m very excited about this”

Lindsey Stirling has been all in on Halloween this year: Not only did she release a Halloween-themed video for her song “Snow Waltz,” she’s been using TikTok to show off various Halloween costumes and makeup looks — not to mention her Halloween tree. So it’s not surprising that when it comes to actually celebrating the holiday, she’s got some big plans.

“I am going to throw a tour Halloween party because we’ll be in preproduction rehearsals [for my Christmas tour],” Lindsey tells ABC Audio. “Everybody is going to be pretty tired and I think be really fun to have a break where we all, you know, relax for a moment.”

“I’m very excited about this. I’ve obviously thought this through a lot,” she laughs. “I’m going to throw a bunch of random supplies — like garbage bags, tape, glitter, I don’t know — just all this stuff in a pile. And everybody is going to have to make a Halloween costume in 30 minutes out of this pile of junk. And then we’ll have a … Halloween fashion show.”

“The dancers will get into it,” she laughs. “I can’t wait to see the tour crew because, you know, they’re going to make their costume in, like, 50 seconds or less. So I think it’s going to be really funny.”

Lindsey will be officially switching from Halloween to Christmas starting November 17, when her Snow Waltz tour launches in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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