Mariah Carey reveals origin of “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

Mariah Carey says her iconic holiday hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was born from a night of pacing around and plucking away at a keyboard.

Speaking to W Magazine, Mariah recalled making her 1994 album Merry Christmas and admitted to feeling unsure about it. “The idea of me doing a Christmas album at all came from the record company. It was very early in my career, and I thought it was a little early for me to be doing that,” Mariah confessed.

She said she went through with it because she had “some very sad Christmases as a child” and wanted to “find the bright light.”  

As for how her hit holiday song came to be, Mariah explained, “I was sort of up late, walking around this house where I was living with my first ex-husband [Tommy Mottola], and I had a keyboard, and, no, I am by no means a piano player, but I can pluck out chords when I need to.”

“I didn’t want it to feel specific to any era, so we didn’t use sounds that were happening at that time. That way, it would feel classic and timeless,” she continued. “But I could never have imagined that it would become such a major part of my life.”

In other Mariah news, she honored singer Irene Cara, who passed away this weekend at age 63. Mariah previously wrote in her 2020 memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, that Cara was “everything to me.”

Taking to her Instagram Story, Mariah revealed she watched Fame to honor “the late great Irene Cara,” who starred and sang the theme.

“Such an inspiration to so many, especially to me. Her beauty and talent is awe-inspiring in this movie,” wrote Mariah. “Rest In Peace, Dear Angel.”

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