Meghan Trainor is all about Adele wearing grippy socks during her residency

Fans of Adele know the singer has a quirk where she will kick off her shoes while performing onstage if they hurt. Meghan Trainor gave her two cents on the supposed controversy of Adele choosing to wear “grippy socks” instead of heels during her Las Vegas residency.

Reports claim Adele is accessorizing her black Versace dress with “gripping slipper socks” for her residency at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace.

“I love it,” Meghan said during her co-hosting gig on The Drew Barrymore Show and gave her song “Made You Look” an Adele makeover. “She could have her Gucci on. She could wear her Louis Vuitton. But even with no shoes on, Adele made you look!”

Elsewhere in the show, Meghan used her co-hosting stint to find big brother Ryan Trainor a girlfriend for Christmas. Ryan, who she dubbed a “single stallion,” was in the audience wearing a sweatshirt that said “I Love My Mom.” “He’s about to turn 30 … I’m looking for a sister,” Meghan said.

“I’ve always wanted a sister. So I have two brothers and they’re just, like, newly dating right now and I’m just ready for my sister,” she said.

Ryan admitted he enjoys the freedom and the limited responsibilities that come with single life, but said he would “like to have someone to watch White Lotus with.”  

Meghan also noted her friend and frequent TikTok collaborator Chris Olsen is single and ready to mingle.

The singer also ruled that getting people gift cards for Christmas isn’t tacky. “The young generation? All they want is money,” she advised, noting her 8-year-old niece is only asking for cold, hard cash this year.

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