Meghan Trainor reflects on her journey to fame: “It’s been 10 years. Oh my God.”

Meghan Trainor is celebrating her 10th year in the music industry and looked back at her incredible journey to superstardom.

Speaking to Seventeen, the hitmaker remarked, “It’s been 10 years. Oh my God.” She then described how she’s changed as a person, as well as how her career has shifted, since she stepped into the limelight.

Meghan revealed her “first professional singing gig” was for the March of Dimes on Nantucket Television, which her dad would host. She said she was around 7 years old when she started, adding, “They thought it was adorable.”

Looking at her songwriting process, Meghan said she takes more time and care into making her songs, noting it took her eight minutes to write “Lips Are Movin’.” As for her breakout debut, “All About That Bass,” Meghan said she whipped it up in 45 minutes.

“With my new album … I took my time,” she explained, adding she brainstorms music from 11 in the morning to “bath time for my baby,” which is around 6 at night.

Meghan also revealed she had “crippling” stage fright back when she was a burgeoning artist and, admittedly, struggles with it to this day. “I am so nervous! I’m so anxious,” she said, adding she turns to “sleeping gummies” to fall asleep the night before a major event.

One thing that has improved, she said, is her confidence. “Back then, there was nothing,” she confessed. She said her fans and music gave her a boost, but in recent years it “took a dive” following the difficult birth of her son, Riley. She says she’s learning to love herself more.

Meghan also said she has a new favorite song of hers — “Made You Look.” Before creating that single, she loved “Me Too” and “Bass” the most.

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