Meghan Trainor reveals “COVID really broke my confidence in my career”

Meghan Trainor says her new album, Takin’ It Back, symbolizes a rebirth of her music career after her confidence was shattered by the pandemic.

The Grammy winner appeared on Smallzy’s Surgery to explain how going back to her doo-wop roots helped her out of her funk. She revealed she views her new album as an updated version of her debut album, revealing, “I call it Title 2.0.”

“I think COVID really broke my confidence in my career,” she confessed. When the pandemic shut the music industry down, she worried that had killed her momentum. Her main concerns were she’d never come back and fans would forget her. “That really messed up [my] mind,” she added.

What helped rebuild her confidence was when her old songs went viral on TikTok. Meghan also felt relief when she heard that new artists wanted to do “that Meghan Trainor sound” a.k.a. doo-wop. She recalled thinking to herself, “They still know who I am?”

The “No” singer says her new album will detail the insecurity she felt at the time and how she overcame it. “I forgot all the good I had ever done before,” she confessed. “And I had to remind myself.”  

Takin’ It Back arrives October 21. Meghan revealed she’s about to release a new song off the album, titled, “Mama Wanna Mambo.”

Speaking of mama, Meghan admits she’s feeling some “mom guilt” for having to head Down Under to serve as a first-time judge on Australian Idol. The singer hates being away from her son, Riley, and confessed, “I wish I was with him.”

Thankfully, her family will soon move to Australia, where Meghan confirmed she and husband Daryl Sabara will try for baby number two. “I’m banking on twins at this point,” she declared.

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