Michael Bublé denies he was on mushrooms during NHL All-Star press conference

Michael Bublé delighted reporters on February 1 when he went off script during a NHL All-Star Weekend press conference in Toronto — but he wants to make sure you know he was joking about being on drugs at the time.

As one of the celebrity captains for the NHL All-Star Game, Michael took part in a press conference with fellow celebrity captain Will Arnett after hitting the ice and spoke at length about all the fantasy hockey leagues he’s in. Then, he said, “My buddy told me this is just a microdose of mushrooms and he was lying.”

“So, I’ll be honest, I thought I was in Blades of Glory for most of the time that I was out there [on the ice] until it sort of settled down,” he continued. “And then I realized, ‘Holy s***, I am at the NHL All-Star Game."” 

Arnett then joked that Michael had lost the “hearts of women that you’ve won over around the world, with all that talk about fantasy hockey.”

“You lost them all in one sentence. It all just evaporated. Years of building it up, and it’s just gone,” he added.

“Yeah the mushroom talk lost me all of my contracts, too!” Michael joked.

Arnett agreed, “Yeah, the mushroom talk cost you a lot of income.”

Later on that night, hockey analyst Steve Glynn confronted Michael in a restaurant and asked if he was really “on mushrooms” during the press conference.

“It was a joke! Of course, I wasn’t!” Michael said. He then started stuffing bread into his mouth and added, “I do have a problem with bread. When I get nervous, I can’t stop eating it. But no, no mushrooms.”

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