Michael Bublé stops concert after audience members scream for help

Michael Bublé immediately hit the brakes on his U.K. concert when members of the audience began screaming for help.

The Mirror reports the “Sway” singer had been performing at Powderham Castle in Exeter, U.K. when a portion of the crowd began shouting for paramedics. Michael overheard their cries and paused the show to ask what was going on.

The Grammy winner then saw that a concertgoer was in major distress and called for urgent medical care.  

One audience member, named Carla Snell, explained what happened. “There were people in the back of the crowd and Michael said, ‘What’s going on why is all these people shouting?"” she recalled. “And then he asked for the paramedics to go and he talked to the crowd about not being scared.”

“People in the audience were shouting and trying to get his attention as paramedics were required,” she continued, adding the Canadian crooner “sort of made a joke of it at the end.”

It is unknown why the audience member needed urgent medical care; Their condition is currently unknown.

More artists have been hyper-aware of their audience’s general well-being after 10 people were killed at last year’s Astroworld Festival. People rushed the stage during rapper Travis Scott‘s set and trampled over countless individuals, resulting in various injuries and deaths.

Michael’s U.K. trek hasn’t been going smoothly, as his stop in Hatfield the night before drew ire from fans who were stuck at the venue due to snarled traffic. Audience members say the venue — the Hatfield House in Hertfordsh — didn’t hire enough traffic marshals to ensure everyone’s safety.

So, chaos erupted after the 25,000 or so fans who saw the show all exited at once and created some nightmarish traffic conditions.

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