Music notes: Ed Sheeran, Melanie C, Lance Bass, Scott Hoying and Andy Grammer

Ed Sheeran is running around with his Pokémon again and shared the hilarious video to Instagram. But, if you also find yourself sprinting with a ton of plush toys in your arms, Ed recommends you proceed “with caution.”  Fans are wondering if this is him teasing that he has a new Pokémon collab in the works.

Spice Girls‘ Melanie C is working on her ninth studio album. She told Retro Pop magazine, “It’s had to take a bit of a back seat because writing and promoting the book has been a lot more work than I anticipated. But I’ve done some sessions, there are some new songs and I’ve begun the process for the next album.” She is working on a memoir, Who I Am.

Even Lance Bass struggles with his sweet tooth when on a diet. The NSYNC singer shared a video of him rationalizing that he could eat Oreos even though it’s not his cheat day. Lance stacked four cookies and dunked them in a glass of milk, adding he’s “not mad” he broke his diet — he’s “just disappointed” in himself.

Andy Grammer teamed up with Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying to mash up their respective songs “Saved My Life” and “Mars.” Scott shared the video to Instagram and explained, “Both of these songs are about celebrating the people who have made a profound impact on your life so we decided to mash them up!”

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