Music notes: Jewel, JC Chasez, Shania Twain, The Weeknd and Sara Bareilles

Page Six claims Jewel performed for Dolly Parton at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos‘ Washington, D.C., home and sang “Jolene” in her honor. The insider spilled, “She was just up there singing with her guitar and talked about what an inspiration Dolly was to her as a singer/songwriter. It was just beautiful.” Bezos threw a party honoring the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery “Portrait of a Nation” honorees.

Shania Twain said it’s a dream of hers to collaborate with Harry Styles. The two famously performed together at Coachella. Shania appeared on TalkShopLive and said a collaboration with Harry “would be my dream.” Shania hopes Harry hears her loud and clear, adding “magic will happen” if they collab together.

Dancing with the Stars alum Cody Rigsby is hosting NSYNC singer JC Chasez in the third episode of LOL Cody. People reports he will work up a sweat with JC while discussing some moments in pop culture and playing games. “I literally feel like I’m going to just fan girl for 30 minutes when I do the ride with him,” he told the outlet. Fans can watch the show Thursday, November 17, at 7:30 p.m. on Peloton.

The Weeknd wants the fan who photoshopped his Dawn FM cover so that he looked bald, old and overweight to identify themself. “Who did this? confess,” he tweeted out and shared the less-than-flattering photoshop job. He later tweeted, “20 thousand likes, almost 2 thousand replies and not a single …. CONFESSSION !” Fans are now jokingly incriminating themselves.

Sara Bareilles is having a “s*** moment” and “drinking wine at an airport. At 11:30 am.” The singer didn’t explain further, but reminded fans on Instagram that for every bad day, a better one comes along to balance things out.

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