Pepa & the pumpkins: Andy Grammer’s daughters are ready for Halloween

Andy Grammer has two daughters: Israel Blue, aka Izzy, and Louisiana K, aka Louie. He says they’ve got their costumes all ready for Halloween, but one of them marks a big change for the Grammer family.

“Izzy’s the 2-year-old. She’s super pumped to be a pumpkin and she brings it up at every situation,” Andy tells ABC Audio. “And not just brings it up, but, like, kinda screams it loud.”

He laughs, “So it’s like a joke in our house that I go, like, ‘Does anyone have — man, I wish someone had a pumpkin costume!’ And then from the other room, she’s like, ‘I HAVE A PUMPKIN COSTUME!’ And then Louie is going to be Pepa from Encanto.”

But Louie being Pepa — that’s Mirabel’s aunt, whose mood controls the weather — is a break with Halloween tradition for Andy, his wife and the girls.

“Up until this point, we’ve all done, like, a group costume thing,” he explains. “But Louie, my 5-year-old, was, like, desiring a little bit of space this time. So it might be Pepa and the pumpkins! We’ll see.”

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