Rod Stewart talks about growing old with wife Penny Lancaster, helping her with menopause

Sir Rod Stewart hopes his activism in increasing awareness about menopause will encourage more husbands to step up.

Speaking to Sunday Times, the hitmaker spoke about his experience watching his wife of 15-years, Penny Lancaster, go through menopause — something he admittedly didn’t know much about because his prior marriages “didn’t last that long.”  

Said Stewart, “I hadn’t seen [the menopause] before because my marriages didn’t last that long [Alana Stewart was 39 and Rachel Hunter 37 when they and Stewart got divorced], so Penny was the first, but she would get into blinding fits of rage.”

“One night she threw utensils, so me and the boys gave her a hug and since then she’s worked to let people know what it is. And men have to understand and not just go down the pub,” the singer continued of his 51-year-old wife.

He said that the experience inspired him to support Lancaster’s Menopause Mandate awareness campaign and learn more about hormone therapy, known as HRT.

Stewart, who is 77, backed Lancaster’s Menopause Mandate in April, which aims to eradicate “scaremongering” by increasing education on menopause, and improve women’s health options by expanding access to affordable treatment and helping them understand the signs and symptoms of menopause.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sir Stewart teased he’ll make a biopic one day. “I keep getting offers,” he said, adding, “But I’ll be the last to do it — even f***ing Robbie Williams has one now.”

The singer admits he won’t shy away from anything in the inevitable documentary and proclaimed, “Yeah, I have no skeletons in the closet, as far as I know. I just wish someone would make one before I kick the bucket.”

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