Sam Smith’s intimate Royal Albert Hall performance now available on Apple Music

The intimate performance Sam Smith held at Royal Albert Hall is finally available to stream on Apple Music.

“I definitely wanted this to be different to my other shows,” Sam told Apple Music ahead of the release. “I come from a theatre background and really missed that feeling on my last tour. It takes a village of talent to put on my shows, and it’s important for me now to showcase and celebrate the artists around me.”

Sam curated a special list of songs to perform during the show, including a mix of old hits and songs from the forthcoming Gloria album, which arrives in January. “With this show it was about adding a little Gloria to all my songs… I always want to change all the songs a little to fit the mood and the tones of whatever project I’m currently releasing. But I am also passionate about playing the songs the way people love them,” they explained.

The show is part of the From Apple Music With Love series, which releases gifts every day at 8 a.m. PT to help music lovers start their countdown to the holidays. Fans can start streaming Sam’s performance from Royal Albert Hall now.

Sam held two shows at the venue on October 21 and October 22, marking a musical comeback for the singer.

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