Shania Twain raves about performing with Harry Styles at Coachella

Country superstar Shania Twain took a walk down memory lane for Harper’s BAZAAR and reflected on one of her highlights — performing with Harry Styles at Coachella.

“I remember every second of that whole experience,” Shania told the magazine. “I was wearing white faux patent [leather] boots. Platform.”

The singer happily described some highlights of the night, when Harry brought Shania onto the stage to join him in performing her hits “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “You’re Still the One” during his Friday set.

“My favorite memory from that performance was really the connection onstage with Harry. I was really surprised how just — I felt like we had done that so many times before together. Well, we were already friends, but we’d never been in that situation together before,” Shania revealed. “It … just felt very natural. That was very special.”

Harry had famously told the Coachella crowd during their joint performance, “In the car with my mother as a child, this lady taught me to sing. She also taught me that men are trash.” The British singer then turned to Shania and told her, “But to you, for the memories you gave me with my mother, I’m forever grateful.”

Shania had responded that she was at a “loss for words” and was “star struck.” 

Shania also revealed one more thing to the outlet — they accidentally matched their outfits that night. She had asked Harry what he was going to wear before the show, but he was in a fitting so he had no idea.

“So then we never touched on the subject again,” Shania explained. Thankfully, the two were on the same wavelength when they separately picked out their outfits.

“It had looked like we were coordinated,” the singer said. “So that was a really wonderful surprise.”

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