“Sunroof” singer Nicky Youre releases new single “Eyes On You,” along with adorable video

If you open your “Sunroof,” it’s easier for someone to keep their “Eyes On You.”

“Eyes On You” is the new single from Nicky Youre, who made a big splash this summer with his viral hit “Sunroof.” The upbeat bop comes with an adorable video that has Nicky reluctantly agreeing to watch his neighbor’s kitten. Of course, he falls in love with it — so much so that the end of the video suggests he’s started a relationship with the neighbor just so he can continue hanging out with the kitten.

“I wrote this song after a special person in my life moved to California. We were finally in the same state, and it felt so good to be close to them,” Nicky says of the inspiration behind the song. “The weekend before I wrote it, I had gone to a country concert and was inspired by how fun and energetic country songs can be, as well as how full they feel live. I wanted to try to capture those feelings with this song.”

“The combination of those two events was enough for me to write a fun love song you can sing in your car or scream along with all of your friends at a concert,” he adds.

Later this month Nicky will be performing at Jingle Ball concerts nationwide.

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