Taylor Swift shouts out radio stations that only play new versions of her songs: “It’s so heartwarming”

Taylor Swift is saluting all the radio stations that only play the “Taylor’s Version” of her old songs.

The singer appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday and was asked about the positive reception radio stations had to her re-released albums.

“I am thankful to radio stations across the U.S. that will only play my new versions. It is so heartwarming,” she declared, per People. “It is something that I care about but don’t expect other people to care about it.”

To recap: Taylor began re-recording her old music after ownership of her master catalog, which included her first six albums, was sold to another entity. She has since released her versions of Red and Fearless.

This was not only a bid to reclaim her masters, this scheme was also designed to hit the executives who now own the rights to her original songs in the wallet.

The hope she has is that her newly recorded versions will be the songs her fans choose to stream and that media companies will choose to include those updated versions in their movies, TV shows and ads.

So, in solidarity with Taylor, some stations have opted to only play the “Taylor’s Version” of her songs. 

While Taylor admits re-recording all her old songs is “a lot of work” and “deeply personal,” she maintained she is also having “fun” with the process. She added, “I can’t believe people have got behind it the way they have.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Taylor confirmed there will be a tour to promote her new album, Midnights. She says it will be “soonish” and teased “it will be great.”

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