Watch Cher in futuristic ad for new Balmain bag, The Blaze

In September, Cher was a surprise guest at the finale of the Balmain fashion show in Paris. Now, she’s starring in a new ad for the luxury label’s new bag: The Blaze.

At the fashion show, Cher wore a skintight, black jumpsuit with pointy shoulders and black platform shoes. In the ad, she’s wearing the same outfit and is shown seated on a throne. When she gets up, we see she’s attached to a massive wall by numerous, snake-like “plugs.” As she continues walking, the plugs detach.

As lots of futuristic special effects and lighting surround her, Cher intones, “All of us invent ourselves.” As the new bag appears in her hand, she adds, “Some of us just have more imagination than others.”

The Blaze bags are priced from $2600 to $3500 each.

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