Why Lindsey Stirling’s new album is right for the Christmas season *and* spooky season

You can tell it’s October because that’s when artists start releasing holiday albums. Lindsey Stirling‘s new Christmas album, Snow Waltz, is out now, but she says that in order to ease fans into the idea of Christmas, she’s also acknowledging Halloween on the album.

Snow Waltz is Lindsey’s first new Christmas album since Warmer in the Winter came out in 2017. She tells ABC Audio, “Oh my gosh, finally I’ve got new Christmas music to tour and to create with and make music videos with, and it’s just been so fun to have a new set.”

Lindsey says she wrote the album’s title track “specifically to kind of tie into spooky season,” noting, “It’s a familiar place for people because The Nightmare Before Christmas was such a popular franchise. Danny Elfman‘s music in general has that, like, kind of spooky-but-magical feeling to it. And so I kind of went in that direction.”

“I think it’s going to be really great for fans to be able to, like, tiptoe into the holidays without feeling like we haven’t skipped Halloween and Thanksgiving,” she laughs.

Lindsey’s used to going all out for Halloween — she even puts up a Halloween tree every year.

“Often I have a Christmas tree up because I’m filming content with it, so then I was like, ‘Well, I don’t want to take it down because Christmas is around the corner,"” she explains. “So I just started making it a Halloween tree. And yeah, every year I take a trip to Dollar Tree and get new things to add to it.”

Lindsey starts rehearsing for her Christmas tour shortly, then hits the road, so she never actually takes down the Halloween tree — she just changes it back into a Christmas tree.

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