As Eurythmics prepare for Rock Hall induction, Dave Stewart says he hopes they tour again

Eurythmics are among the artists who will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this Saturday, November 5, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The duo of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are reuniting to perform at the ceremony and recently revealed they will be playing three songs at the big event.

While Eurythmics have only performed sporadically since their last tour ended in 2000, Stewart tells ABC Audio he’d love to hit the road with Lennox again, although he doesn’t think Annie is open to the idea.

“I think Annie always casts her mind back to touring … in the ’80s or even at the end of the ’90s,” Dave notes. “And [she thinks], ‘Oh, it’s flying every day and … masses of press all day.’ And I personally know that we don’t need to do that anymore.”

He continues, “[Annie also] worries that, ‘Oh, I used to run around the stage for two hours,’ but you don’t need to do that either … Her voice is so distinct and chilling and beautiful, and she could sit down all the time if she wanted to.”

For his part, Stewart says, “I love playing live … After all that work, it’s the one thing where you get some kind of freedom in expression … and being able to play this stuff that you’ve been hanging around your neck for 40 years or, you know, 35 years. And it’s very therapeutic to me.”

As for whether he thinks Eurythmics will play more concerts, Dave says, “One can only wait and see, but I hope we do,” while noting, “I know that the fans … would really appreciate it.”

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