Bob Dylan apologizes for signature controversy

Just days after Simon & Schuster agreed to refund Bob Dylan fans who thought they were buying a personally signed copy of his recent book, only to find out it was signed using auto-pen, the rock star is apologizing for misleading fans.

“To my fans and followers, I’ve been made aware that there’s some controversy about signatures on some of my recent artwork prints and on a limited edition of ‘Philosophy Of Modern Song,’” he shares on Facebook. “I’ve hand-signed each and every art print over the years, and there’s never been a problem.” 

He then explained that in 2019 he developed vertigo that lasted through the pandemic, which made it “impossible to sign anything.” He adds, “With contractual deadlines looming, the idea of using an auto-pen was suggested to me, along with the assurance that this kind of thing is done ‘all the time’ in the art and literary worlds.” 

Finally he notes, “Using a machine was an error in judgment and I want to rectify it immediately. I’m working with Simon & Schuster and my gallery partners to do just that. With my deepest regrets, Bob Dylan.”

Simon & Schuster has already agreed to refund the $600 fans shelled out for the auto-penned signed books, but it turns out the controversy now extends to more than just the books. Castle Galleries, a UK gallery that sold what was supposed to be “hand-signed” prints of Dylan’s paintings, announced they are giving purchasers refunds. The paintings, “The Retrospectum Collection” and “Sunset, Monument Valley,” were also machine-signed, and while the purchasers can keep the paintings, if they send back the certificates of authenticity, they’ll get refunds, along with a new certificate that declares they were auto-signed.

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