Bruce Springsteen shares snippet of new tune, “Addicted to Romance”

Bruce Springsteen is sharing a preview of a new song he wrote for the upcoming movie She Came to Me.

The Boss shared a snippet of the track, “Addicted to Romance,” on Instagram, revealing that the song will officially be released on Friday, September 29. 

The song will play over the end credits of the Rebecca Miller-directed film, which stars Peter DinklageMarisa Tomei and Anne Hathaway. It opens in theaters October 6. 

This isn’t the first time Springsteen has written a song for the movies. In fact, he won an Oscar for the song “Streets of Philadelphia,” from the 1994 film Philadelphia. And in 1996 he was nominated for an Oscar for his song “Dead Man Walkin’,” which he wrote for the Sean Penn/Susan Sarandon film Dead Man Walking.

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