petition aims to get INXS into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

INXS released their first album in the ‘80s and are definitely eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so their fans, who are sick of just waiting to see them get in, are trying to do something about it.

A trio of fans, dubbed “Team Induct INXS,” have started a petition titled “Induct INXS into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” making their case for why the band deserves to be in the esteemed institution.

“After many years of amazing music and dynamic ‘live’ performances, it’s time to ensure the legacy of one of the greatest bands in the world – INXS!” the petition by Dina Ghram, Shanon Steele and Jim Skivalidas reads. They also created a website to assure fans “we were taking this induction campaign seriously.”

The trio tell Billboard, “All three of us are big music fans and have a deep appreciation of bands that have touched our lives and inspired us throughout the years,” noting, “INXS is at the top of all three of our lists – we’ve grown up with them, seen them ‘live’, bought all their albums, and come to think of INXS as a family of sorts.” 

As of Wednesday morning, the petition had roughly 11,000 of the 15,000 signatures it’s aiming for.

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