Def Leppard wishes fans a happy holiday & thanks them for their support

Def Leppard has shared a special holiday message to fans, posting a video to social media with each member sharing holiday wishes to their followers. 

“Wanted to say one thing before the year comes to an end,” Joe Elliott shares. “Thank you for your support throughout the year, waiting for us through COVID. We had a fantastic tour this summer.” He adds, “Thank you for your support over the last 45 years. So to everybody, happy holidays and we’ll see you in 2023.”

Vivian Campbell added, “Thank you all for supporting the band in 2022, coming to the shows. We had an absolutely wonderful summer. So happy holidays, however you celebrate it. Have a great time.” 

And the band is promising more to come next year, with Rick Savage noting, “As we approach the end of 2022 just want to say thank you to everybody that came out who saw us on the last tour, there’s many more to come.” 

Rick Allen passed along a similar sentiment, sharing that “there’s loads more” shows to come, “so we’re looking forward to seeing people out there.”

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