Hello, It’s Weed: Todd Rundgren releasing limited-edition cannabis strains

The jokes just write themselves, folks: Todd Rundgren has partnered with the Michigan-based company Cheef Cannabis for a collection of two limited-edition strains called, yes, Hello, It’s Weed.

One strain, Michigan Cookies, has a “super-high level of potency,” as well as a “sweet mocha coffee aroma.”  It’ll make you feel “happy and creative” and “socially inspired,” according to Cheef.

The other strain, Dosi Mintz, has a “spicy-nutty herbal flavor and a sharp kick of mint” and will make you feel a “light tingle throughout your entire body,” leaving you “pain-free and happy.”

To mark the partnership, Todd will make in-store appearances at two branches of House of Dank, a Michigan dispensary, while he’s in the state later this month for his tour with Daryl Hall. On November 21 at 12 p.m., he’ll drop by the one in Ypsilanti; he’ll be at the one in Grand Rapids on November 23 at noon. The product will then be made available everywhere Cheef is sold.

In a statement, Todd says, “So if I were to say that I was getting into the branded cannabis market, I think the response would be ‘Duh’. I’ve never made it a secret that I’ve sought inspiration from altered states. And while there’s no guarantee that you’ll create a masterpiece, you may at least find a little peace. Worth a shot.”

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