Hey, Jude! Julian Lennon and Paul McCartney bump into each other in airport

It was a Beatles family reunion over the weekend, starring Paul McCartney and John Lennon‘s son Julian.

“It’s Amazing who you run into in an airport Lounge! None other than Uncle Paul…. So, so lovely, and what are the chances,” Julian tweeted along with a black-and-white photo of himself posing with Macca. Anther photo showed Paul holding up his cell phone, which is displaying Julian’s new album, Jude.

Jude, Julian’s first album in more than 10 years, takes its title from “Hey Jude,” the 1968 Beatles song that McCartney famously wrote for him when he was five years old, to cheer him up after his parents split.

Julian recently told ABC Audio that titling the record Jude partly ties in with his recent decision to legally change his given first name, John, to Julian, which he’s been called since childhood.

“Jules, Jude, me, retrospective, collection of songs from life, taking ownership of the name Jude and/or being me finally…that all made sense to me,” he explained.

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