John Mellencamp has no desire to play the Super Bowl

[Note Language] While a lot of artists hope to one day be big enough to be asked to headline the Super Bowl halftime show, John Mellencamp already is, but he isn’t interested. 

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with his daughter Teddi Mellencamp, and when asked if he’d been offered the prestigious gig, he revealed that he had but said no. “I don’t like being on television,” he shared, adding he was only on WWHL because he loves his daughter.

Apparently, Mellencamp doesn’t only have an aversion to the Super Bowl; he doesn’t really like performing altogether. When asked what his favorite song to perform live was, he noted, “I don’t like really singing any of them.” He continued, “live performance for me is a job ‘cause they pay me for leaving home, not for going on stage,” sharing, “I owe it to the audience because they pull me through those songs.”

Mellencamp also talked about his breakthrough album American Fool. He revealed the “record company hated it” after hearing “Hurts So Good,” “Jack and Diane” and “Hand to Hold on To.” He said they wanted him to be the next Neil Diamond, adding he basically just told them “F*** you.”

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