John Oates talks new solo single, says it’s “an honor” to be a Movember campaign spokesperson

On Friday, Hall & Oates singer John Oates released a soulful new single titled “Pushin’ a Rock” that ties in with this year’s edition of Movember, an annual campaign that focuses on raising awareness about men’s health issues.

Oates has been asked to serve as the international spokesperson for the campaign, which asks people to grow or wear a mustache for the month of November while encouraging men to address such issues as testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health.

John, who’s growing back a full mustache for the first time in 30 years in conjunction with the initiative, tells ABC Audio, “[I]t’s an honor to be able to try to … get the word out on men’s health issues.”

As Oates explains, “Pushin’ a Rock” is a reworked version of a song he first recorded and released several years ago, and he decided to contribute the new rendition to the Movember campaign because he felt its message aligned with that of the initiative.

“[I]t’s about overcoming struggles,” John notes. “The inspiration came from … the old myth of Sisyphus pushing a rock uphill, and when it rolls back down … sometimes you just have to either never give up or you just keep pushing … And it really seemed to dovetail and speak for what Movember was all about.”

With regard to being a Movember spokesperson, Oates admits that while he’s had a very successful career in music, “I’ve definitely had my moments and my issues, and they’re ongoing,” adding that important for people to realize that “no matter how much difficulty you have, you can overcome it if you … try your best.”

“Pushin’ a Rock” is available now via streaming services, and you can watch a companion music video at John’s official YouTube channel.

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