Journey’s Neal Schon comments on lawsuit against bandmate

Journey’s Neal Schon is speaking out for the first time since it was revealed he is suing bandmate Jonathan Cain over their company Nomota’s finances, including an American Express card Cain took out. 

“The only comment I’ll make at this time is it’s all very unfortunate and tried for over a year to attain all our corporate records for Nomota with many personal e-mails to Jon as well as many legal letter stating it’s my legal right to see all but I was left with no choice but to take it legal,” he writes on Facebook. “There’s much more … since I filed I’ll be following my attorneys advice and not speak until we are in court where I’ll not have a problem at all. It is what it is. “

Schon is arguing that “millions of Journey funds have flowed through” that Amex card, which Cain set up without his knowledge. And while Cain has told him he’d have access to it, he has yet to be added to the card.

In a separate Facebook post, Schon’s wife, Michaele, claims that since 2020, Cain’s wife, Paula White, was added to Journey’s bank account “against Neal’s wishes.” She also accuses Cain and his wife of trying to harm the band, noting it’s “Neal Schon who keeps Journey alive.”

Schon added in a tweet, “Yeah it’s a bit deeper then just a card.”

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