Journey’s Neal Schon fumes, accuses rock cruise of ripping off ‘Escape’ cover

(Note Language) Neal Schon isn’t happy that someone is copying the cover of Journey’s 1981 album, Escape. The guitarist has called out the Cruise to the Edge festival, accusing promoters of ripping off the image.

The Escape cover features a spaceship exploding out of a planet, leaving shattered pieces of it in its path, while the poster for Cruise to the Edge, a prog rock festival featuring Steve Hackett, Big Big Train and more, is only slightly different. It also has a spaceship bursting out of a planet, although the ship is slightly different in shape.

Well, the similarities were not missed by Schon, who shared his disdain, tweeting, “What the f*** do people think? That your (sic) not going to see this? It’s a blatant rip off.” The tweet includes a pic of the Cruise to the Edge announcement along with Schon’s comment on the pic, which reads “Give me a f***** break. It’s Journeys (sic) Escape art.”

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