Journey’s Neal Schon sues bandmate over credit card

There’s some new infighting within the band Journey. New legal documents show Neal Schon is suing bandmate Jonathan Cain over a credit card.

According to the Page Six, docs accuse Cain of opening up an Amex card through the company that operates the band, suggesting “millions of Journey funds have flowed through it.” Both Schon and Cain have a 50% stake in the company, Nomota, and in his suit, Schon insists he “has the right to access and control Nomota’s books and records” in order to “oversee and manage” the company and the band. Schon, however, argues Cain has yet to turn over important records about their finances.

Schon’s documents argue he needs the financial records in order “to determine the proportion of Journey’s profits that he’s entitled to as the founder and president of Journey,” adding, “Schon’s right to Journey’s profits is being controlled by Cain — Schon’s bandmate, who Schon brought into the band in the 1980s — and despite all of his requests and efforts, Schon has been unable to get full access.”

Schon adds that Cain has told him he will have access to that Amex card, but so far, he has yet to be added to it. He says he only knows it exists because American Express told him about it.

Despite the legal fighting, Journey is set to hit the road on a 38-city, 50th anniversary tour in February, with special guests Toto.

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