KISS’ Gene Simmons autographs Funko collectables for charity

KISS Gene Simmons is giving fans a shot at purchasing some unique collectables, and it’s all for a good cause.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has signed some Funko figures and sets, with all the proceeds going to the charity Mending Kids, which provides free lifesaving surgical care to sick children worldwide.

Items currently up for bid include a one-of-a-kind KISS Funko Jumbo 10-inch The Demon, a figure with Simmons’ KISS makeup and a tongue sticking out, just like the iconic rocker. There’s also a one-of-a-kind signed Pop! Yourself Gene Simmons of KISS figure, which has the rocker without the KISS makeup.

Some of the other collectables in the charity auction include: a KISS Deluxe Moment Alive II Tour 1978 set, featuring collectables of the whole band; a KISS Deluxe Album Destroyer set, with figures of all band members and the album cover art; plus autographed 4-inch versions of The Demon.

In a video showing him signing the 10-inch Demon collectable, Simmons reassures fans that all the money raised will go to the organization.

“Literally no money for administration, none of it’s gonna be taken for lunch for the people that work there,” he says. “Everybody contributes their time for free so that children who don’t have insurance and are not lucky, who don’t have money are still gonna get the operations they need.”

Bidding on eBay is open now and ends Sunday, September 24.