Mary McCartney says dad Paul McCartney did not come up with title of Abbey Road doc

In Mary McCartney’s new Abbey Road documentary, If These Walls Could Sing, her dad, Beatle Paul McCartney, quotes the title of the film in one of his interviews, making it appear as though he came up with the name. But it turns out, that’s not how it happened at all. 

Mary tells E! News she had already told her dad the title when he did the interview, noting, “He loves words and he liked the title, so when I was interviewing him as we wrapped up, he just threw it in there for me. … I think he was doing me a favor.”

She adds, “I’m really happy with the interview with my dad because he’s great.”

And Sir Paul’s history with the famed studio was a big help for Mary as she approached the project. “I was very lucky,” she says. “I had a reference point historically where he could give me little nuggets of information about Abbey Road when I was researching it.”

If These Walls Could Sing is now streaming on Disney+.

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