Michael Hutchence’s former manager discusses last phone call with singer

Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of the death of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. The singer’s suicide at age 37 certainly came as a surprise to many, including his U.S. manager, Martha Troup, who says on the day of his death he was discussing his plans for the future. 

“He wanted to start a publishing company. And he wanted to get an apartment in New York,” she tells the New York Post. “That’s what he said to me.” But, she says a few hours later he sounded different in a message he left. “He goes, ‘Things aren’t good, you know?’ And then the next one was like, ‘Hey, are you there?’” she says. “In the second one, it was more like he was tired. It was, like, almost sadness I heard in his voice.” He was found dead only hours later. 

Troup calls Hutchence magical, noting, “He was the quintessential rock star. He was mesmerizing. He had a sensuality about him.” But she says he was also shy and sensitive: “He had his ups and downs, and he had his insecurities.”

Troup says that before his death the rocker was making plans for an Australian tour, but she was concerned because “he just seemed out of sorts.” She suggested cancelling the tour, but he insisted he couldn’t cancel, saying, “I would never do that to the fans in Australia.’”

Meanwhile, friend Dorothy Carvello still believes Hutchence didn’t mean to kill himself. “I’m not sure that he really intended to do that,” she tells the Post. “I think it was a rash act that happened in the heat of the moment, whatever happened. Because think about it — no [suicide] note. And for somebody whose job was to write words, I always found that strange.”

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