Mick Jagger wanted to star in ‘A Clockwork Orange’

Mick Jagger has dabbled in acting over the years, and apparently, he had his sights set on a pretty iconic role. At the Torino Film Festival, actor Malcolm McDowell was the guest of honor at an evening about music, where he revealed that the Rolling Stones frontman really wanted to play his role in A Clockwork Orange.

“We used to be friends. We were hanging around in New York. At the time, we were the ‘In Crowd’ with Andy Warhol and all,” Malcolm shared, according to Variety. “One evening, we were hanging out at somebody’s apartment on the east side of Central Park. We were sitting in a window seat and talking because Jagger wanted to play Alex in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’” He added, “Before (director Stanley) Kubrick got hold of the property, Mick Jagger and the Stones wanted to do it! Well, I’d like to see that!”

Malcolm added that the same evening, Mick told him he didn’t see himself performing all that long. “Mick Jagger said to me, you know Malcolm, I can’t see myself doing this at 50!” he said. “50? And so what are they now? 80? Fantastic!”

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